Hurricane Noel Kills Man On Exuma, Bahamas



Kevin Milford here speaking to his radio audience in Exuma on 98.3 Breeze.

Exuma, Bahamas – Reports from the Island of Exuma suggest that Hurricane Noel is now responsible for at least one death in The Bahamas. The killer storm passed through the Bahamas on Thursday turning into a 75 mph hurricane whilst exiting Bahamian waters. T-storm Noel killed over 80 persons in mudslides and flood waters in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

On Thursday the Bahamas had its first tragedy from the killer storm. Dead is Kevin Milford whose body was found later later in a pond area. The 34 year old was driving along Queen’s Highway along another man when their Ford truck became submerged in waters just near the radio station where he was employed. Trying to walk through the deep water rest of the way, Kevin apparently slipped off the road, that perhaps dropped a further 4 feet. His body was said to have then suddenly swept away with the moving current and was found one hour later submerged in some 9 feet of water.

The young producer was employed at the 98.3 Breeze radio station on that island and was headed to work when his truck stalled. Owner of the Breeze station Mr Dwight Hart issued a statement to the Breeze family announcing the station’s sadness and regrets of the tragic news.

“It is with regrets that management at 98.3 The BreezeFM announces that we have lost an integral part of our team.” The CEO said.

“On behalf of myself, my management team and staff members we send our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Mr.
Milford. He will be sadly missed by all including his many radio fans on Exuma and around the world who listened via our internet stream.” Mr Hart said.

Roads in Exuma are impassable as the island has come to a full stop.

Friends and family members of the producers are said to be still shocked and deeply sadden by Kevin’s death saying he was so full of life.