Senate President gets a second new car in less than 10 months


Dey come to RAPE THE TREASURY then blame the PLP!

This is how problems does start right here. Senate President K. Forbes Smith.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now probing serious and dangerous expenditures now underway in the Minnis Government.

We can report Senator K. Forbes Smith, now the newly appointed President of the Senate, was delivered a brand new sixty thousand dollar Toyota Camry last year June. Forbes, we understand, didn’t want the vehicle and decided to order a new car for her office.

Just last week, less than 10 months later, the Cabinet made sure Smith was delivered another new car. The $65,000 Toyota Avalon was delivered last week Thursday.

Meanwhile the Government of the Bahamas has furnished Smith with a plush condo in a gated community out west. BP understand while Smith is not in town a relative has moved in the condo with all the perks at the expense of the public.

Residents must note that, according to the Government’s narrative, “The Country is BROKE AND BUSTED” – but we should blame the PLP for what K. Forbes Smith now gets.

We report yinner decide!