Acting Financial Secretary goes on holiday while Moodys hit town this Thursday…


Simon Wilson.

Nassau – The Minnis Administration is beginning to mirror the Trump White House as we are learning today that the Acting Financial Secretary has taken a vacation leave until the middle of April.

Sources tell us the Acting Secretary, Marlon Johnson, may also be transferred upon return to another government agency. His Assistant former Treasurer is about to leave on retirement and, therefore, we ask the question: who is watching the public purse?

Financial Secretary Simon Wilson was sent on leave by the government last year. He cannot be fired and has been sent home with all his knowledge and skill to drink coconut water and watch The Young and the Restless.

Wilson is being paid his full salary while not being allowed to do his work. He is a highly qualified, trained economist! What is this?

And while the Minnis Government goes off on a spending /borrowing train of waste – we are told next week Thursday Moodys will be in town asking the same question the IMF did last week: WHERE IS SIMON WILSON?

We report yinner decide