Senior FNM Minister In Mourning as Sweetie’s Father Dies

House of Assembly

Nassau| Now we at BP consider ourselves wise. When da wutless media can’t figure out nuttin, BP is there bringing the truth to you at all times. Now all of a sudden, after weeks of erry body in Parliament testing positive and no quarantining and no sanitizing, the country is lock down, Parliamentarians in quarantine and the business of the country on halt. WHAT HAPPEN???!!

Now BP went snooping around and found out some interesting information. A very senior politician on the FNM slate, known for erratic, emotional behavior, used his heavy influence and put those who govern the country in time out so he can console his number one sweetie, because her father has passed away.

The father, a well-known, long time merchant, went home to see the Lord yesterday and has left the young sweetie devastated. The fair-skinned beauty is in-consolable and the senior FNM politician has used his influence to shut down everything so he could rush to her side.

We at BP wonder what the politician’s raggedy wife thinks about him rushing to the side of his very married sweetie. The wife can take a lesson or two on fixing up herself from the sweetie who is always on point with grooming and attire.

BP will tell the Bahamas from Grand Bahama to Inagua, if you see the whole country get shut down to mourn the passing of a man who never saw Parliament in his life, then ya know dis politician dead serious bout dis sweetie. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!!???

Now dis gatta be National Sweethearts Day!!! We here at BP thought we had witnessed everything to be witnessed, but this has caused us to launch an investigation with the police to find out what in da hell dis woman gat under her dress so to cause the nation to stand still when her pa dead? WHAT IS DIS!??

Well anyway, as we always say, WE REPORT!! YINNER DECIDE!!!