Senior officers denied access to an Immigration special ceremony by Director Clarence Russell

Clarence Russell – Director of Immigration

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is watching a special ceremony held at the Immigration Department on Monday 2nd November, 2020 to honour a few of the Officers which you would have seen on ZNS Monday evening report. At that event the Deputy Director of Trade and Senior Police officers of the RBPF were present.

But, while people not from Immigration were invited, senior executives in the Department of Immigration who are part of the Executive Team were not invited to the event! WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?. 

Is Clarence Russell sent to Immigration to be a one man band?  This kind of action should not be accepted by the  government! 

Senior Immigration Officers would have had a hand in training these honoured officers!

Why were these senior high-ranking immigration officers not allowed to attend?

Does Russell have a beef with the competence of his executive team?! 
If this is an Immigration event (as it was), then the entire Executive Team should have been allowed to join the celebration of the department!

Russell and his big show has again sparked up great tension with the senior executives who were refused entry at his event. 

These tensions are brewing and will erupt quicker than expected. Stay tuned for the shut down, which will take place soon if the government doesn’t act in a timely fashion.

We report yinner decide!