Trouble is brewing inside the Immigration and officers are concerned that the national security of the Bahamas could be challenged!


U.S. Security Agencies must be concerned with the slack leadership now being planted throughout the Bahamas Immigration which could potentially threaten the NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES!

Department of Immigration Headquaters

NASSAU| The Department of Immigration is about to experience something it has never seen before as officers are becoming sick and tired of the current Director of Immigration Clarence Russell and the inexperienced “plants” inside the Immigration Department!

BP is monitoring the situation at Immigration and we want to ask: Why are the experienced, qualified officers at the Immigration Department are being ignored or pushed out of the department?

The Ministry of Trade and Investment recently appointed one of its Trade and Investments officers inside Immigration and the individual is now running interference with senior officers at Immigration. Now this is serious because we know our US counterparts deep in Homeland relies on the good work of Immigration officers who guard the gates from groups who seek to sneak into America! If all the experienced officers are pushed out or pushed aside in Immigration, how could inexperienced plants protect the systems from being compromised?!

Bahamas Press is warning Prime Minister Dr. The MOST Hon. Hubert Minnis to quickly address the safety and national security of the Immigration and listen to senior officers who we understand being silenced or moved out from doing their jobs! Das ya first warning!

Recently, a newly appointed Trade and Investments officer, who we shall not name at this time, has taken a liking to the sitting Director, who calls on her to exercise Deputy Directors functions – without consulting with senior officers – on Immigration matters. This is serious!

We are concerned that both the Director (WHO KNOWS LITTLE ABOUT IMMIGRATION LAWS) and the new appointee could be used very easily by outside bad actors to circumvent long standing protocols designed to protect the country and our neighbour countries!

Senior officers in the Immigration Department are not having it and they are speaking loud! Some have raised their voices to news agencies to put the country on high alert!

One source told BP, “The Director is constantly attempting to present the “new appointee” from outside Immigration as if she is some SENIOR DEPUTY OF IMMIGRATION with the authority to override decisions!

“She cannot override decisions of the department nor can she replace or call the shots within our agency! What is happening up here is serious and if this attack on officers – who have served the country – continues then we will have no choice but to walk out of the department and let the system come to a crashing halt!”

THIS IS NOT GOOD and our intel on these developments are strong!

Bahamas Press has warned Bahamians for years now that there is a bold attempt to kick Bahamians out of their own country; and not just take your natural resources but also you and your children jobs! Yinner ain’t see that yet?

Bad actors in the world and their terror financing is real and dangerous. Just look at what unfolded in Austria yesterday! Serious allegations have come up against this same sitting Director before!

We call on our American and Bahamian friends of good wall to keep a close eye inside the Department of Immigration cause if the UNITED STATES FEELS THAT THERE ARE COMPROMISES WITHIN THAT DEPARTMENT – Well, dog will eat yinner lunch around here!


We report yinner decide!