Senior Pastor moves his “toy boy” into church residence and now both refuse to vacate! WELL, WHAT IS THIS IN THE BAHAMAS!

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NASSAU| A pastor has run into a serious war with the church after he refuses to vacate the church’s complex in Western New Providence.

The pastor, who is getting up in age these days, refuses to leave the good life of being the shepherd where he courted the rich and famous, inside and outside the country.

Since becoming a senior cleric the preacher has been Living the life of Riley courting rich and famous. But, since being removed from the local church in the west by the chief overseer and reassigned to a community church over the hill, the Pastor has refused to move out of the old residence and into a residence closer to his flock.

Members at the over the hill church are becoming upset that the Pastor refuses to give up his ties. Stubbornly refusing to get from behind the gate and down into the community he now serves.

Some believe the pastor wants to hold onto the deep financial connections tied to the local church in the west. In fact, some believe he has been collecting his own funds from the rich without any accounting to the central authority of the church.

The pastor is a rabid FNM who holds deep-seated grudges towards anyone opposing his political views. Recently, the pastor was appointed to sit on a committee to oversee the redevelopment of over-the-hill, a reward for his rank political actions on behalf of “Finish Minnis” who is a cozy ‘pally wally’ with the cleric.

But the deeds of the pastor are beginning to catch up with him as church members inside his newly assigned church are becoming wary of his known alternative lifestyle. Some believe the preacher has married gay couples in secret even though the law does not allow any such marriages to be committed on land.

Ya see, the preacher is a known gray hair ‘poofta’ who has gone rogue deep within the church for many years. And with his high elevations in the inner-circles of the church, he has become one of the “UNTOUCHABLES”. Today though, the pastor has moved his “toy boy” lover into the church residence and left members in shock.

Both the pastor and his dark and lovely colourful “toy boy” have sent serious and dangerous mixed messages to the youth of the church, who cannot these days find their moral compass in worship anymore – they are becoming CONFUSED!

On Sunday over-the-hill, the preacher wants to tell the youth how “shacking up” is wrong, but returns home every night after prayer service deep in the western gated community – out in the wild – with his live-in “toy boy” lover to commit dangerous acts of carnal lust and delight! What in da hell is this? These people are NOT SAVED!!!

If any single pastor was caught once with a “jungaliss” inside the church residence, that minister would have been sanctioned, defrocked and sent to the hermitage to repent of his sins! Look how far the church has fallen off its moral compass! Look what now is being found acceptable in the Bahamas and the world!? 

BP understands that the church in the west was sad to see him go, how could they have allowed such slack behaviour to go on as the pastor had gone rogue from long time! The church over the hill will not let this continue, that’s for sure!

Anyway, BP is calling on the authorities high up inside the Cabinet of the Church to intervene and bring correction to this abominable contaminate now causing trouble in the west!

All we ga say is this: If the church is to maintain its relevance in today’s world it must choose this day whom it will serve! Either deliver holy men or women to the people or yinner will turn into museums around here!

You cannot tell people to drop ya “SWEETHEART” while the preachers around the place are living with their “toy boy” inside the church residence! It CANNOT WORK!

This is the first warning shot – MORE TO COME cause BP HAS JUST GONE ROGUE ON DESE PASTORS!!!

We report yinner decide!