Senior Politician gets Sweetie top post at foreign mission oversees!


We advise CONDOMS should be packed at all times for the Senior Politician…


Nassau, Bahamas – A senior politician isn’t playing this time and for sure a Sweetheart deal was struck almost minutes after getting elected to office on May 10.

The politician, who we shall not name for the purposes of this article, has been given a top job overseas.

BP has learnt the sweetheart was once the exercising partner for the politician, but things got so hot that the exercises moved from jogging in the mornings to sleeping in the sheets.

The MP, who is known as ‘King Juicer’, has a worst record than Weinstein, where he would grab any backroom anywhere to exercise a medical examination on a victim.

But the senior politician, who is now deep inside the Cabinet, is making sure his desk stays clear. With his light skinned sweetie now posted overseas, the travel budget will be blown in a matter of months.

BP has learned that the politician couldn’t wait for the Sweetie to be appointed and in June travelled with the Sweetie to inspect her plush FIVE STAR FLAT!

BP will inspect the apartment this weekend and when we report, yinner ga know!

We report yinner decide!