Senior Politician positioned another sweetie in-charge of a critical government office!


NASSAU| Lemme Rest Dis Right Cher!

Another one of the Head Nigga in Charge’s alleged “sweethearts” has struck again and wreaked havoc in what used to be a reliable and stable government office, responsible for keeping schools on top of their game!

Word has it that the office that was once known for its clear policies and procedures and its friendly, competent, efficient and effective staff has now been put in turmoil but this fly by night, former healthcare worker.

She doesn’t know how to swim in the shallow water at Montague, but the head honcho insisted that her predecessor had to go to make way for her.

She is inexperienced and doesn’t even have the background for the job. Her former colleagues have admitted that she never had a position because she had a bad bedside manner, memory problems and couldn’t get along with anyone.

Well, she took these same traits to her new position. She still can’t remember anything and only gets along with the couple of staff she promised position and raise to.

Word on the street is she changed the locks and lied about it. She had some staff lie in an incident report, to cover her lies and fake health attack.

She had her secretary go through confidential files, after hours, and lied about it. She had her son access the confidential officer server, after hours and lied about it.

She stole from a staff member and lied about it. She goes into the staff offices and into their desks, after hours, and lies about it. She fakes her way through meetings, refuses to admit she is drowning – cause her sweetie drowning also – and they think they swimming strong!

The Minister in charge will not report her because he knows who she is allegedly sleeping with. Her favourite people come in late, take extended lunch hours or call in sick, with no recourse all at the expense of the public purse.

She trying to pick the brain of the poor staff that know how to work in the office to make her look good. There is no confidentiality with customer information.

The new rules she put in place are only applied to those who don’t bend over and bow to her. She tries to intimidate those who stand by the office policy and procedure. Some staff keep asking for intervention. When confronted, her selective memory kicks in or she lies her way through. She is such a crafty liar that the top brass at the head office believe her tales.

How do we the people continue to allow the people in charge of the country to get away with such foolishness?! HOW?

The office is now a national embarrassment and soon will be an international embarrassment.

How much longer?????

We report yinner decide!