FNM Politician secures wife a job and gets promotion for his ex-wife at NIB!


Ex-wife tells her former lover “get my promotion or else!”

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| A sitting FNM politician made sure straighten up his ex-wife at NIB while at the same time making sure his current wife landed a safe job at the country’s NIB Board.

The ex-wife began pressuring the politician about her situation knowing that the Minnis Government is about to be kicked out of office. She began calling the home regularly just after she heard how the politician had secured his new wife the job at NIB.

The Minnis Government however is not taking any chances with the electorate – and knowing Bahamians are mad as hell – the Cabinet is quickly making new hires and announcing promotions throughout the government.

And if that is not bad the Minnis Government continues to hire outsiders at NIB (who cannot pass a simple entry exam), while internally staff can’t get promoted up the ranks. WHAT IS THIS?

Meanwhile, the NIB Board term ends next month and workers tell BP, “We are praying this month would be the last we see the Troy Smith Board. We also were hoping July would a been the last month the Minnis Government would be in charge of the country. But BP from the looks a things I believe the PM is afraid to even call the elections when it is due. Its time to pray!”

All yinner who knows the virtues of prayer, pray for the nation – fires already start around the dump and we know all that is the first sign of a great fall!

We report yinner decide!