Senior Reporter Fired at Nassau Guardian



File shot of once leading morning daily, The Nassau Guardian (1844) Ltd.

Nassau, Bahamas: A quiet silence has come over The Nassau Guardian as a senior reporter Tamara Mckenzie has been relieved of her duties at the 163 year old newspaper. Bahamas Press has learned that the Guardian trained reporter has been unceremoniously dismissed from the organization following a series of articles against the appointment of Rubie Nottage to the Supreme Court bench.

Insiders in the newsroom told Bahamas Press that Mckenzie allegedly defied her bosses request to drop the story on Mrs. Nottage following libelous statements published in the newspaper. Bahamas Press in defense of the Nottages suggested that the Nottages should sue both morning dailies for their careless, nonfactual statements against Mrs. Rubie Nottage.

A senior reporter when asked about the departure of the young Mckenzie, responded with a deafen silence. McKenzie’s articles appeared as a renegade on a hidden agenda to stop Mrs. Nottage appointment. The reporter continued attacking Mrs. Nottage in her articles even after Ambassador Ned Siegal stated that there was no evidence to support the newspaper claims.

Ms. Mckenzie was one of the first reporters sent to Chicago, on a full scholarship by the newspaper in an effort to build a new core of writers lost by the organization. The Nassau Guardian just prior to McKenzie’s departure hired a pack of journalist from the Jones Communication Ltd, in a raid on that organization. Included in that talent was veteran journalist and former Guardian publisher Fredrick Sturrup and former Guardian editor Clunis Devaney.


  1. The rookie reporters and unseasoned editors at most dailies can’t write.LOL. You see typos in just about every section, every single day, especially the guardian! The broadcasters throughout the country are no different. If the guardian has reporters who “can’t write” then maybe the main person who heads the newsroom should be removed as they are not training these reporters too well or not at all. I say good riddance to them all!

  2. The bosses at the Guardian can fire and hire whomever they wish. Tamara McKenzie was no great talent anyway. It was painful reading her articles. Good riddance. Now the paper needs to get rid of the reast of its “can’t write’ reporters.

  3. The so-called “inside details” of this story smell like three-day old fish. There’s more to this event than is being presently revealed. SMT.

  4. This comes as a shock as McKenzie was one of the better reporters at the organization, very hardworking, sharp and determined…a true journalist who is known to stand her ground. It’s not understandable how she could be fired for actually doing her job though. Of all the Rubie Nottage stories I’ve read in various dailies, she was the only reporter to actually do her research on the woman. If her bosses had a problem with her many Nottage stories, her editors were left with the final decision to pull them so the blame is not on her, it’s on those editors. If McKenzie did in fact received a scholarship by the guardian and they fired her, then she’s the one who is really getting the last laugh. She can now move on to greener pastures and I am certain that we will see her back on the scene real soon.

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