Seven thousands five hundred persons with no addresses whatsoever to vote in the upcoming elections


Jack Thompson alongside Minister Brent Symonette.

Birth Certificates going for five thousands dollars

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is screaming voter fraud before the coming general elections and before international observers set foot on Bahamian soil. We believe the legitimacy of some 7,500 newly minted residents should be contested in a court of law.

Documents shown to Bahamas Press by sources deep in the OPM confirms the number of persons registered for the elections [having NO ADDRESS] could swell to 10,000 before a general election is called.

The plot to legalize the persons and make them Bahamian citizens broke last year, but what is now being exposed is even more shocking.

A registered list of newly minted Bahamians confirms thousands of persons issued voters cards by the Parliamentary Registration department were issued without any registered addresses.

BP notes some of the residents now collecting passports to proceed in their registration exercise did so with the aid of some government employees, one of which we know is employed in the government’s industrial park. The individual was spotted exiting the Immigration Department processing another resident.

Bahamas Press has also identified a scheme within the Registry Department of births and deaths, which unveiled a shocking picture.

Sources within the department report a surge in requests for birth certificates. The numbers we are told have accelerated by 300%. We can confirm a racket within the department exposed by our teams, noted birth certificates issued to illegals residing in the country could cost a whopping $5,000 [five thousand dollars] under the table.

Noted columnist Nicki Kelly titled the developments as “Voter Fraud” in her column this past Thursday.  She added, “This means that [having no addresses] there is no way to verify whether the individual is a bona fide resident of the Bahamas, opening the way for electoral fraud on a grand scale.

“The big question is how the Immigration Department, under the direction of Foreign Affairs Minister Brent Symonette, could approve such applications for citizenship without a clue as to where the applicants actually live. And how could the Parliamentary Registrar’s office register them as voters with such a glaring omission.”

Names published in a morning daily listed a registrant as having lived on Carmichael Road while some others listed their address as Nassau, Bahamas. Well Nassau is 7 X 21 and Carmichael is more than 7 miles long.

Someone needs to go ta JAIL WITHOUT BAIL!

While we at BP are known to “TAKE NO PRISONERS”, we today are throwing some under the bus and would sprinkle this editorial bucket of HORSE DUG on someone and let you the readers decide.

Shown below is a second list of citizenship granted on the later part of last year and in the first month of 2012. Shown in the list are persons with NO STREET ADDRESS PROVIDED to the government immigration department and the Parliamentary Registrar’s office.

We report yinner decide.


  1. When foreigners come to the Bahamas one of the things that attracts them to stay is the SLACKNESS. It leads from Government and its workers showing up 2 hours past the time all the way down to school children going to school at 11:45am when school started at 9:00am. Bahamians with PIRATE-LIKE attitude reeking havoc on society. Thats where we at.

  2. Is a street address actually required? I don’t see a field for that? What’s the standard? Are there other documents we don’t see here?

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