Seventy-five thousand dollars stolen off the bank account of a senior politician inside a local bank in the capital!


Neither Bank Board nor the Central Bank have been notified as insiders seeks to cover up the crime!


Nassau – A teller at a local bank in downtown Nassau will be fired this afternoon after being caught stealing more than $75,000 [Seventy-five thousands dollars] off the bank account of a former senior politician and statesman in the country.

BP forensic investigative team can confirm the teller fleeced the funds from the 80-plus-year-old pensioner and only the Good Master knows how many others are victims.

The bank has kept the theft hush-hush as the teller is related to a senior manager inside the bank. Board members are still unaware of the theft and Central Bank officials have not been updated on the matter.

The teller is a Bible-pounding, tongue-speaking Christian who has extremely light sticky fingers. The teller has been caught in a similar situation before but, thanks to his good relative, he has been guarded and protected and allowed to operate against clients.

BP wonders whether after this article the Anti-Corruption Unit will be called? We wonder if the Central Bank will be notified? And we wonder also whether the teller and the manager have a bigger theft ring inside the bank?

We report yinner decide!