Sexual Predator now appointed Chief Justice of the Bahamas!


barnettoath<<< Barnett (left) is administered the oath of office as the next Chief Justice of the Bahamas by Governor-General His Excellency Arthur D Hanna.

Nassau, Bahamas – Former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Michael Barnett was sworn in as Chief Justice during ceremony at Government House, August 24.

He succeeds Sir Burton Hall who is to take up an appointment as a Permanent Judge on the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

The Cabinet Office has advised that the Hon. Brent Symonette, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, is appointed Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs with effect from 22 August, 2009.

Mr. Symonette, who previously served as Attorney General in an earlier Free National Movement Government, will serve in this position until a new Attorney General is appointed.

Mr. Barnett has served as Attorney General since July, 2008.  Before that appointment he was a senior partner at the law firm of Graham Thompson and Co.

A former President of the Bahamas Bar Association and Chairman of the Bar Council, Mr. Barnett was called to the English and Bahamas Bars in 1978.

He has served in many professional and public service capacities including: Acting Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate, Acting Justice of the Supreme Court, Chairman of the Industrial Relations Board, Member of the Financial Services Advisory Committee and Chairman of the Catholic Board of Education.

Mr. Barnett was educated at St. Augustine’s College here in Nassau and at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., where he obtained a

Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  He studied law at Lincoln’s Inn, London.
A Roman Catholic, Mr. Barnett is married to the former Camille Liverpool, President of the AIDS Foundation, and the couple has two daughters, Michela and Viola.


  1. What a shame. Cant believe what they have done to the judiciary of The Bahamas. I wonder what the justices of the supreme court think. Did you notice only 3 out of 9 justices attended the swearing in? The three were Hepburn, Bain and Adderley. Any surprises? I imagine the other justices must feel bad! You mean none of them better than a man who has no judicial experience? what were they doing on the bench all this time, nothing? I dont believe that. This is nothing but raw unadulterated politics, Ingraham trying to control everything, even the judiciary. Lord help The Bahamas!

  2. This is just sickening!!!! Ingraham has lost his head now. The other qualified and experienced justices must be soo disappointed and angry at this nonsense. Bahamas vote right in 2012 !!

  3. First he try to run for the FNM in Fort Charolett he lost against Alfred Sear.Then he was given the job as the Lawyer to represent Byron Woodside against Maynard Gibson,he won that one.Then was given the post as AG a FAILURE.He’s now given the post as CJ.His kung fu must be good to be given all those post.Why not give Mr Kendal Wright a post? I blame him for running on the FNM ticket,poor Kendal.Don’t worry Kendal 2010 is not far ad if you don’t know what I’m talking about election.The way this country isrunning we can’t wait until 2012.

  4. BP, again our leaders of this counrty tell us where their loyalty lies,( “…Her Majesty the Queen”) but we don’t listen to what they declare when they are sworn in. Her Majesty the Queen is still calling the shots.

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