Shooting in Freeport’s Ghetto and scare of Scarlet Fever outbreak at Shipyard….

Victim’s motionless body on the ground at a shooting in the Ghetto community of Freeport Grand Bahama.

FREEPORT – Bahamas Press is getting word of a shooting underway in the Ghetto community of Freeport Grand Bahama. The condition of the victim is still unknown at this time.

From what we know and police have yet to confirm or report the incident a male was in the area when a lone gunman opened fire hitting him in the upper body. The victim laid motionless on the ground.

We await an update from police who usually these days would claim that have no major incident to report.

Meanwhile, we are also getting a report of an outbreak of possible Scarlet Fever at the Freeport Shipyard. At least one Bahamian has been quarantined at the Rand Memorial Hospital with the outbreak.

BP is monitoring this situation and await an update from the health department.

We report yinner decide!