Shooting victim revived and may have a message for young men – STOP THE KILLING – PLEASE!


BP BREAKING UPDATE >>>Victim in shooting on Quakoo Street Saturday afternoon cheated death! Praise GOD!

Delano Brice revived following shooting in Quakoo Street....

Nassau, Bahamas — There is a sad reality in this small town; the hearts of men have waxed cold, and thus, this is the scene unfolding in our communities.

As fate would have it, this young man survived his attack. Yes, Delano Brice, the victim shown here in the street like an animal – my brother from another mother – had to fight for his life.

He was shot in the neck on Quakoo Street Saturday afternoon.

The scene once again was bloody, chaotic and raw. There were plenty screaming and hollering, as Brice fought with death on the ground. And, as the will of God would have it, he survived this attack.

This is the sad reality in our Bahamas today – young men are at war with each other. The lights have gone out of their hearts, and the results have left within many a cold and dark place.

We as a community must pray. Pray for the peace of our nation that evil will not take hold in it, and that peace will prevail; and that the light of Christ will return to our land. This is possible.

We will pray for Brice today. There is room for penance for everyone. Pray for him Bahamas. And pray for his attacker. Let’s forgive – please.

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