Shootout between police and suspects on Faith Ave. and Carmichael near Esso on the Run….


Man shot by police in shootout near Faith Ave. Esso on the Run…

Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting police and some men are in a gun battle near Faith Ave. and Esso on the run.

We understand a male was being abducted when police pulled up on the scene and the gun-battle began. The incident resulted in the police shooting one of the gunmen and arrested the others while recusing the man being abducted.

BP was live just minutes ago attempting to buy the punch when all this violence unfolded. We haul @@@ back home and quickly fled the area like a Taliban; forgetting the business why we left the compound.

Minister Marvin Dames says he knows the minds of the criminals before they act. We guess he is right!

We report yinner decide!