Shots Fired by former PM Ingraham on Minnis outside Parliament today – LISTEN!!!



Statement by the Leader of the Free National Movement The Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis


At the end of November, the Free National Movement will hold a one-day convention to elect the Leader of the Party.

I will not nominate for the leadership nor will I allow my name to be placed in nomination. I wish those who will contest for the leadership the very best.

I will continue to serve in the House of Assembly as the Member of Parliament for Killarney. I again thank the constituents of Killarney for their support since 2007 and during the recent general election.

As a former prime minister and in whatever role is assigned to me, I will support the work of the Official Opposition to advocate on behalf of the Bahamian people and to hold the Government accountable.

We remain in a deadly global pandemic. I will continue to promote measures to save and to protect the lives and livelihoods of Bahamians, utilizing my experience in office and as a medical doctor.

I will never tire in advocating for the needs of the poor, the disadvantaged and the more vulnerable in our society.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to serve our country as prime minister and as a member of parliament. I thank the Bahamian people and the members of the FNM for their support and encouragement.

I also thank the many well-wishers for their advice, prayers and assistance.

The Free National Movement has an extraordinary legacy, guided by the values of freedom, equality and opportunity for all. At our 50th anniversary, there is much to celebrate as we renew our mission and embrace the future.

I have often spoken of the God of New Beginnings. May God bless the FNM with wisdom, discernment and fortitude. And may God bless our Bahamas.