PLP MP slams phone on constituent and tells her NOT TO CALL AS HE IS ON HOLIDAY visiting Mickey Mouse dem in Orlando!

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NASSAU| The Davis-COOPER Administration is quickly losing altitude and should take the advice of BP and PUT ON MORE SPEED!

This week more dangerous FNMs continue to stall the movements of the one-month-old administration. And, If you think this is bad, check out some of the elected MPs who are already showing the people what they think about them. Your BP which is known to be on the side OF DA PEOPLE will highlight a few!

One family island MP hung up the phone on a die-hard PLP supporter after she sought help in an URGENT matter. The MP slammed the phone on the constituent, who had campaigned with the party for years! Well what is this? 

Following the opening of Parliament, the PLP MP quickly skipped town to holiday in Orlando to celebrate his victory with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The MP fit right into the characters of the theme park as a “goofy” look-a-like as he moved about the area. WHAT IS THIS?

BP advice to the DAVIS/COOPER government is simple – YINNER BETTER PUT ON MORE SPEED and deal with these increasingly rogue ONE-TERM MPs! We ga have some words of a Cabinet Minister this weekend.

We report yinner decide!