WSC General Manager abruptly stops driving corporation vehicle even after four years collecting gas money for supposedly driving personal car 

WSC Headquarters on University Drive.

NASSAU| The rogue Water and Sewerage Corporation General Manager Elwood Donaldson, who Alfred Sears has yet to place on administrative leave, has returned to driving his personal vehicle after four years driving the WSC vehicle.

Donaldson, who was the lapdog for GONE CHAIRMAN Adrian Gibson aka “TODDLER”, exercised and signed a number of crooked questionable contracts which have yet to be investigated. He was paid additional funds to hold the post of GM and HR head which is against many standard Corporation rules.

Donaldson, while taking home the Corporation vehicle day after day, was at the same time collecting multiple allowances for gas, which is only advanced to staff who use their personal vehicles for Corporation business. WHAT A DAMN CROOK!

If a proper inquiry is done into the questionable dealings and practices at WSC, the Corporation’s GM will have plenty of explaining to do. And if the Government is serious, the NEW DAY Administration would have long placed the GM on leave to have the matters looked into. DEY ARE NOT SERIOUS!

We believe nothing will be done nor will any real inquiry into the handling of funds at the Corporation will be carried out. And if this is not done, well, the PUBLIC (the shareholders of the Bahamas) will have some serious reviews on their newly-elected officials who are charged with the proper care and management of the People’s Business. 

The Davis/Cooper Administration cannot tell Bahamians it is interested in transparency and accountability while all kinds of WSC Corporation funds have vanished off into the accounts of a company named ELITE MAINTENANCE – and also moved into a US Bank account and property deals!

We ga report and let yinner decide!