Immigration Minister Keith Bell delivers strong leadership on DAY ONE! Director of Immigration Clarence Russell sent packing!

The Hon. Keith Bell – MP for Carmichael

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is greatly impressed by the work thus far of the country’s new Minister for Immigration: The Hon. Keith Bell. Truly, this update is a cause to celebrate!

Bell, learning from his mistakes when serving in Parliament the first time as a Junior Minister, has shocked the daylights out of BP and could become a serious contender in the future of the country. 

ON DAY ONE – just minutes after being appointed and sworn in, Minister Bell began drafting his reconstruction of the Immigration Department. He quickly organized repatriation of over 1,000 illegally landed migrants. Then, before the last migrant could head home, disgraced Director of Immigration Clarence Russell was given his start-packing-orders. NOW DAS WHAT WE CALL LEADERSHIP!

Russell is now out and a NEW DAY has come for an experienced professional in Immigration who knows the system. 

But this is not all. Learning from the good leadership and commitment shown by Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C., BELL’s headquarters in the Carmichael constituency is busy.

The branch headquarters is open for business, it is full of activity as the needs of the community are being addressed  – BP visited the branch ourselves and we were impressed! This dynamic Minister and hard working MP is one to watch. 

We ga report yinner decide!