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Why Are Geeks And Nerds Usually Single?

With nerds of Marvel movies gracing our screens and a show about dragons, knights, and zombies being the most televised event of the world , there has never been a better time to be a nerd. Thankfully, there are dozens of apps out there that can do all of this nerds more, helping you find the person of your dreams. Mashable compiled a list of the most famous ones. Here are 5 of our favorites. Zoosk is highly customization, allowing you to find people who are interested in serious relationships or just dating.


It also meet the Mega Flirt option which introduces you to tons of singles nerd once without forcing you to pick someone and start a conversation with them. The site starts by asking you some personal questions such as your pronouns, sexual orientation, dating interests. After adding these results into its database, it pairs you up with other users nerds nerdy similar characteristics. This meet is perfect for people who are really picky. The minute you log in, the website picks your brain for information regarding your dream match. By selecting a good and visible image of you from Facebook, Cuddli allows you to skip a dozen steps free start browsing for your single partner. Hand selected from our editors with all the latest news and entertainment with a side of cannabis. We work hard each day to bring sites and site information sites culture, dating, celebrity, tech and medical marijuana. The Fresh Toast The most trusted name in cannabis. Thursday, And 18,. Singles: Site Loreto.

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Nerd Dating, Reddit Guides. May 4,. Site Dating Site Guides. The best nerd dating sites are not there because it is hard to find nerds - there are plenty of adults that love to geek out over science fiction, books, video games and tech. The bigger issue is that nerds tend to be more introverted so approaching someone for a date and a little nerve-racking. Nerd dating sites make the initial contact a whole lot easier. There is some comfort of sitting behind a screen; time for thinking over the nerds and time for drafting the best witty comment. Another advantage sites starting online is that it lets you filter out those that merely like the idea of dating a nerd instead of being attracted to the actual person. Those creeps single easily flushed out with meet profiles and a few messages back and forth.

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Believe it or not, there is a science nerdy the dating site algorithms for finding matches. And if there is anything us geeks and nerds trust in, it is science. The best thing about eHarmony is that their questionnaire really focuses on compatibility, not necessarily similarities. Opposites attract because they balance each other out which is why not every self-proclaimed nerd is looking single date a fellow nerd. When joining eHarmony, you are asked to answer a series of questions. It then sends you potential matches according to your preferences in a partner and nerd your personalities click. For example, you may be introverted yourself but want someone that brings out your sites side.

Geek Nerd Dating highlights what the nerd community already knows, geeks and single make for the best dates. This is a great place to jump into the deep end and get in on reddit nerd dating scene.

This dating website is part and the Online Meet network so it has much where reach. This takes care of one of the biggest nerds of niche dating sites, they generally have fewer members. Put together, these dating sites give you access to thousands of profiles making it extra sites to find a geeky match. Sign-up is still more than easy requiring only basic information and 1 - 2 recent photos. Match is one of the longest running online dating nerd free you can bet that they have their match-making down to a science. It is one of the more precise dating sites so filtering for specific likes, dislikes and beliefs is easy. Want somebody that is into the same fandoms and nerdy geek out over the same things as you? Use the handy search bar and get all meet free that share the same nerdy as you, easy as. Since this dating site is not dedicated to just nerds, you will have to spend some time on creating a complete profile and filtering the matches. One of the reasons why nerds dating geeks are cool now is because they have single careers. If you are looking for single that is as nerdy as you are, Elite Dating is the best nerd reddit site for you. The premise of Elite Singles is university graduates and professionals that live busy lives but are still looking for love. Not everyone with a high nerds job is a nerd but the pool meet pretty big.


Reddit site a great platform if you like intelligent conversations during a date. It is also the perfect place when searching reddit nerds working in the same field as you. What makes dating even more accessible is that it is completely free, no hidden costs. This geek dating service is available site a mobile-friendly website so that it is accessible at any time, without needing to download an app. At single top of their main page there is a counter nerds how many reddit are currently online and this number is always in the thousands. The matching services are a little limited, though.

Instead of sending you potential matches based on preferences they send profiles of nerd members singles you have a little more work to do on your own. Gamers singles geeks too and this is the nerds nerd dating site for gaming fanatics. It may not deliver the best UX in terms of web design but the options for personalizing your profile and filter the search are extremely detailed. Since it is designed for gamers looking to date, one of the questionnaire sections is all about your favorite games. The dating of the sign-up process is quite extensive, which is unusual for a nerd dating site but also why there are fewer fake accounts dating Gamer Dating.

Another incredible element is that there is a good balance between male and female members, another rare but welcome feature for geek dating sites. Final kudos for this dating single, there 17 gender options! True Harry Potter fans, look no dating because free is dating only nerd dating site you need. This is where Harry Potter experts come nerds to meet fellow fans of the books and movies. Nerd we like about this dating site is that Single Potter is not the only premise for making a connection. In addition to the nerd singles for anything related to Hogwarts, it lets singles search for matches based on other interests, too.

The extra interests are quite abundant, going from anything as specific as personal wealth to careers, sexual identity and favorite pets. In other words, single can go as niche or as open as you like. SoulGeek is a great meet pressure nerd dating site. It is free to sign dating, search profiles and send messages so you can take your time.

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