Sir Franklyn Wilson under consideration for the top job as Governor General of the Bahamas!

Sir Franklyn Wilson

NASSAU| New Information coming into BP this afternoon confirms Prime Minister Davis’ administration could be considering realtor, accountant and philanthropist Sir Franklyn Wilson as the next Governor General of the Bahamas.

The news of the new consideration comes as three other potential candidates are all vying for the top job – even as conversation of becoming a republic swirls around the region.

Cynthia Mother Pratt, Archbishop His Grace Drexel Wellington Gomez and Rubie Ann Darling are also being considered for the job.

The Davis Government is set to make a final decision on the top job next year. Possibly, if the Bahamian people support the argument of the Bahamas transforming into a republic, the next appointed GG could be the last representative of the British Royal Family in the Bahamas.

We ga report yinner decide!