Sir Milo Boughton Butler’s grandson fired and replaced by a foreigner two days before Independence

Dominic Butler, son of first Bahamian GG Milo Butler. Look what the Bahamas has come to under Ingraham.

<<< Dominic Butler, grandson of first Bahamian GG Milo Butler. Look what the Bahamas has come to under Ingraham.

Nassau, Bahamas — The grandson of the country’s first Bahamian Governor General, Sir Milo Boughton Butler, has been fired from Bahamas Supermarkets Ltd [City Markets].

Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that Dominic Butler, purchasing buyer for the food store has was relieved of his duties just days before Independence and replaced by a foreigner the following day.

In a letter dated the 7th July 2010, attained by BP through a representative of the company, City Markets wrote:

Dear Dominic,

We hereby advise you that your services are no longer required and you have been terminated as Purchasing Buyer, your employment is effectively terminated on Wednesday July 7, 2010.

You are also to turn in the company owned automobile today.

BP can confirm the letter was signed by the company’s CEO Derek Winford and outlined Butler’s compensation.

The Late Sir Milo Boughton Butler

News of Butler’s termination is shocking; particularly as his late father, Franklyn Butler Sr., was/is a major shareholder of City Markets and was reportedly owed and may still be owed substantial funds by the company.

BP finds the actions by City Markets appalling and will now launch a dangerous editorial war with the company. We will begin sending field marshals on the ground in the chain and shall report all our findings.

BP understands Ms. Evangeline Rahming CPA, was also pushed out and replaced by a West Indian who was issued a work permit thanks to DPM Brent Symonette, Minister of Immigration.

How could all these foreigners find jobs to replace by Bahamians? Who authorized these work permits and why is this WUTLESS GOVERNMENT ALLOWING BAHAMIANS to BE KICKED TO THE CURB?

Milo Butler must be rolling over in his grave today and must be asking, WHAT KIND A JACKASS WE HAVE RUNNING THE BAHAMAS TODAY!