Sissies GONE WILD at Fort Charlotte New Years Eve Gay Pride event!


Six-foot tall poofta gets gang in a ring of fairy Godmothers and China dolls at Gay Pride New Years Event on the Fort!

Man dem fighting over man in dress and at the sissies New Year’s Eve GAY PRIDE event on Fort Charlotte.

Nassau – What was planned as an underground “GAY Pride” event in New Providence at Fort Charlotte on New Year’s Eve overlooking the Nassau harbour quickly turned into a violent and near deadly event.

Intel coming into BP, which went viral on social media, proved that sissies on New Providence couldn’t behave, not even to celebrate the incoming New Year.

A gang of young male lovers went into a fighting blood fest row, calling each other “girl” while grabbing off weave and G-strings on top of the fort. The violence escalated when one of the “He/She/It” ran loose in heels and began to punch the face of another who was partially stripped. What in da hell is dis? Man is fighting over Man!

A six-foot-plus tall poofta [in photo above] decided to get into the brawl and, like the ferris wheel at the Carnival, quickly found himself spinning like a top. He was kicked, slapped, punched and ganged like a an animal caught in the middle of a ring play of skirts, twisted bras, gold weaves and tight pants – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

Anyway, all we say is look at ‘yinner churrin dem’ who cannot behave in public and who need serious, urgent psychiatric help!

Once again the police had nothing to report. We wonder why?

Boy, I tell ya – if ya don’t laugh you will cry!

We report yinner decide!

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