Sitting Cabinet Minister Gives Sweetheart $30,000 Monthly Garbage Collection Contract


Nassau, Bahamas – As if the FNM government was not pushing out enough garbage, BP can reveal that a $30,000.00 a MONTH contract was issued to the middle-aged long time sweetheart of a senior dishonorable Cabinet Minister. 

Beyonce was right! Girls truly run the world! Just when BP thought there was no longer such a thing as a high maintenance sweetheart and everyone had dropped their standards to a $40.00 deal, the phone rings and this information lands in BP’s ears. Boy, I tell ya! Girls run the world and Bahamian girls – like this sweetheart – are definitely included.

BP’s intel reports say that the long term sweetie of the senior Cabinet Minister owns a steel company that operates out of the Carmichael Road area. Several garbage collection trucks can be seen on the property, parked there when not in operation earning the sweetie a whopping $30,000.00 a month. That’s plenty weave and makeup money. That is a far cry from the standard new age $40.00. 

Bahamian people always knew something was wrong this Cabinet Minister who brazenly signed a $600 million deal with an energy company and then conveniently lost his memory as to why he signed it. The Cabinet Minister who served on the opposite side at the time in a more junior position was fired in October 2014 by a former Prime Minister for signing the deal.

Everyone knew the Cabinet Minister could not be trusted from then. After he tried to explain away the reason why he signed a major deal like that in a lesser position, he ran up under the then opposition leader for CORRPUTION COVERAGE. The FNM gained that seat by default and the Cabinet Ministet chopped off his “maleness” and attached his lips to the PM’s butt like his very life depended on it. He is the PM’s go-for and yes-man because he knows his political future is dead without him. 

Mr. Cabinet Minister, we hate to break it to you, but your entire political career is going to drown when the Brave Wave hits town during the soon-to-come snap election. Go register!

BP is going to sit back and wait to see what the Incompetent Authority is going to do about his main man giving his sweetheart a major contract like that. The FNM’s PISSY PROPAGANDA NEWS machine, Banana News (BN), was crying to the public recently, asking the FNM to pay attention to loyal supporters. Well, BP asks the question: is the Cabinet Minister’s sweetheart a loyal supporter of the FNM or was she awarded that contract simply because she is in the sheets with the Cabinet Minister? What in the hell is this??!!

BP went digging for skeletons in the closet and the whole room started to rattle because the bones were uneasy. It seems like the Cabinet Minister spends most of his time with this dark skinned beauty who lives in an upscale area in the East. BP has binoculars and is watching closely. Whatever she is putting on him, it is worth $30,000.00 a month. That is a sum that a lot of Bahamians earn in a year. $30,000.00!! What is dis!!?? We tell Bahamas the FNM is corrupt and the leader is da Lying King – HE TOO IS CORRUPT TO THE CORE!

Okay, Mr. Cabinet Minister, we know you like to explain things, so please explain how you give your sweetheart that contract. Who signed the deal this time? The clock is ticking, Minister.  Start to talk!!! And don’t quote no scripture now, cause the bell is ringing at your door!

We report!! Yinner Decide!