Sitting FNM MP seeking passage to leave the party as a leadership race is set to begin!

May be an image of one or more people, people sitting, suit and indoor
And then there were six! Minnis defeated FNM Party set for another blow!

NASSAU| Even as the near defunct Free National Movement is set to head into a one day convention this November an MP is ready to jumping off the ship in fear that the FNM is about to hit another reef!

An FNM MP facing real jail-time has sent a relative deep inside the belly of the PLP to suggest that the he is prepared to leave Minnis FNM for good. WELL WHAT IS THIS?

BP ga tell that MP even if you join the PLP, ya the potential of making jail is real! The MP must have forgotten how the last MP who went to jail in the country was a PLP MP!

In 1989, Wilbert Habakkuk Moss a sitting MP, was sentenced to prison for attempting to bribe a magistrate on behalf of a constituent. Mr Moss was accused of offering a $10,000 “advantage” to the magistrate. And this happened under a PLP Government.

STAY WHERE YOU ARE, MA BRUDDA – Da Junkanoo Man is coming for you! You are in a good place in the FNM Party of Corruption, THIEFIN, Scams and LIES!

Meanwhile, another FNM MP known by BP as “DA CHILD” (who committed GRAND THEFT AUTO inside a Corporation) is worried sick about his future, and is not been sleeping good. Just like the leader who cries alot these days, sources say the MP could be heard screaming to the top of his voice one night as if he was in a fight.

You know, the shameless FNM Party reminds this writer of that sewerage truck which broke down off Tonique Darling Highway today. Yinner is full of …. You know what I want say!

Das all we gat to say (FA NAH)!

We report yinner decide!