Cabinet Minister thrown out of the OPM and told to find another office location!


NASSAU| A PLP Minister has been kicked out of the Office of the PM after BP placed mouth on him that he will  be the first MP to crash and fall out of the governing Davis Administration. 

The Minister was told to pack his bags and ship out as technical officers began weeding out all SNITCHES (PLPs AND FNMs) deep inside the OPM. The Minister was stalling for days, sometimes locking his door refusing to comply! He wanted to stay close to the BIG CHIEF, but technical teams were not having it, especially after serious leaks began surfacing from the Cabinet Room.

The Minister, like several others now in BP editorial team discussions, has made a pact to protect FNMs at all cost! This has come to be an annoyance of hardcore, faithful PLPs; some who were chased by police and suffered long out in the cold in the political wilderness under the Minnis Regime!

BP has warned the administration to PUT ON MORE SPEED as the honeymoon ending is drawing close! 
Like how could Marlon Johnson get a job to advise John Rolle? WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?! What advice could he give Central Bank Governor John Rolle who is schooled in the management of finance? Well what is dis?

Meanwhile, an army of Stalwarts and Generals are gathering for the first Party Meeting to unleash deep concern inside the PLP!

We ga report and let yinner decide!