Six Murders in The Bahamas Since Thursday Two Near US Embassy



Investigators carry the body of slain hand bag designer Hal Taylor from his home on West Hill Street. Taylor was found Sunday Morning with multiple stab wounds about the body.

Nassau Bahamas – Just behind Queens Street the address of the American Embassy where murdered victim number 68 Dr. Thaddeus McDonald was discovered on Friday afternoon, and just across the street of the Government House on West Hill Street the brutal slaying of another male laid lifeless at the Mounttbatton House crime scene. Police believe the body could have been there for the past 18 to 36 hours.

The 70th murder victim in the country is said to be that if Hand Bag designer HAL TAYLOR, was discovered Sunday morning. The crime scene at this hour according to police is said to be horrendous with blood all over the bedroom area along with bloodied foot tracks along the crime scene believed to be that of the assailant. Again there appears to be no force entry onto the property. This is the second murder of a brutal slaying in the area one source said that can only be describe as having been committed by, ‘one cruel and inhumane person’.

The raising trail of death and mayhem in the Bahamas over the weekend can be described as the deadliest for the year, with some six murders occurring since Thursday afternoon when one brother knocked another to his death (Arlington Russell) with a barbell across the head at their Flamingo Gardens home.

Police are not saying whether the murder at the Queen’s Street resident and this latest one on West Hill Street are connected in any way, with both having occurred just a wall apart. But a source close to the investigation has suggested that both murders could have occurred just hours apart and also shows a serious level of decay within the fabric of the country. The source also noted that “drastic incidents warrants drastic measures.”

Former Prime Minister Perry Christie and wife Bernadette Christie was also at the crime scene and arrived with the victim’s Mother Ms. Beverly Taylor, along with Rev. Fr. Steven Davies, Rev, T. G. Morrison and Archdeacon. I. Ranfurly Brown all said to be friends of the victim’s family.

A number of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Elle McPherson, Vanessa Williams and Barbara Walters, own a handbag made by famous Bahamian designer Harl Taylor. His classical, personalized bags are made from sisal straw, hand woven and finished with carved mahogany decorations. Mr. Taylor also designs one-of-a-kind straw hats.