Sky Bahamas evicted from its offices and operations are no more!


Americans open a major investigation on Sky Bahamas Principal Owner…

NASSAU| There you have it, folks. Sky Bahamas is no more and has been evicted from its offices with all the contents inside on Saturday. The office space of the airline has been taken over by its owner and the one airline left in the Sky fleet grounded.

Now, why ya think no one wants to ask why did the American Government cause the shutdown of this airline? Is it because of some money laundering practices – because of which the real owner is now on the run? And were those crimes aided by the sitting Cabinet Minister when he was a partner? 

Only time will tell but, as the grand jury sits and investigates all this, Sky Bahamas has quickly vanished off the scene and the workers left without any compensation. 

And guess what? The media is aware of this but refuses to comment. In fact, the Tribune claimed they were about to reopen.

What a lie! Stay tuned…keep reading!