Social Media and online news have exposed that newspapers as paid hacks filled with the drivel of the few…


Dear Editor,

You really gatta laugh when you glance through these newspapers and dailies and see that the same writer is getting all the attention from all the major papers and then you turn to social media and online newspapers and you get a completely different discourse in the national conversation.

This is incredible to me because on any issue facing the country you have scores of posts online addressing it, but when you turn to the letters section of the dailies you have just a handful of writers commentating perhaps on whatever they are paid to write.

It has gotten so bad that one like me who has long been a follower of news has completely shifted my appetite for the dailies to online and social media news. The beauty in it all is this: I save plenty money and still have reading material from all over the world and from independent thinkers like me right here in this country.


T. B Smith