Social Services worker released from jail after she took children from a mother without any court order!


This happens when you elect a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT! WAS SHE PAID TO DO THIS?

Social Service worker Elevie Seymour took a mother’s kids without any court order from any magistrate! Well who authorised her to do that? WAS SHE PAID?

Nassau – Bahamas Press is following how a supervisor at Social Services was arrested and jailed by a magistrate today after failing to follow procedure.

Social Services employee, Elevie Seymour, took two kids away from their mother, and then in lawless fashion, failed to obey a court order to take the children back to the mother.

Magistrate, after reading the riot act to, Seymour warned that she was sick and tired of workers breaching the bounds of law!

We understand Seymour took two kids from the mother without any Care Order from the court! WHAT KINDA CORRUPTION IS DAT? JUST LAWLESSNESS!

An arrest order was then drawn up for Seymour and she was to be detained until the children were returned to the mother! This was the scene outside the Magistrate Court as the children were returned to the mother this morning and Seymour released this afternoon.

Outside the court Social Service workers came out in droves to support their lawless colleague. But she had no right to do what she did and BP is asking was Seymour paid to do this?

See what happens when you elect a criminal government? Everyone start taking the law into his or her own hands.

We report yinner decide!