Sodom and Gomorrah hits Bimini like a Slap from Loretta Butler-Turner!


Transvestite hired at Bimini Bay almost caused another riot – Shemale had to flee Bimini in the dead a night before rock and bottle exercises began!!!

A file photo of the woman who does piss standing up like man....WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?!

Bailey Town, Bimini — Biminites got the shock of their life when they learned a Grand Bahama transvestite had landed a job at the Bimini Bay Resort a few weeks ago.

The light skinned Chinese Long Island looking ‘poofter’ was hired on the spot after two Grand Bahama “famines” in the Human Resources Department lured the ‘boy turned gal’ to the resort, which is set to open its new Casino this week.

The two Human Resource ‘shemales’ had hired the ‘tranny’ as a “Cocktail Hostess” for the new casino, failing to make certain to check proper birth certification to validate the true sex of the applicant applying for the job.

Training for the job, BP has learnt, was done in Nassau and Grand Bahama before a group of some 250 new workers landed ‘hired’ on Bimini.

BP understands the red skinned ‘queen-in-drag’ caught the eyes of one married man, who we understand on the first night was attempting to spank the “it” before he/she could settle in the dorm. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?!

Bimini Bay Resort officials we are told parked the light-skilled ‘tranny’ in a room with three females and according to sources – no one thought for a minute they had entertained a man whose birth certificate classified the now female as a male.

According to reports – the Grand Bahama Shemale – came home tipsy from a violent Karaoke night at a club on the island. According to eyewitnesses at the club, the shemale seduced some of the island males there and, like Cinderella, left the club late in the night before [his] coach turned into a pumpkin.

Bimini MP Obediah Wilchcombe is allowing Bimini Bay operators to destroy the rich decent community. Transvestite was said to have been sent from Grand Bahama and lured to Bimini.

By the time Cinderella reached home at the dorm where the other ladies slept, he ran into the bathroom to catch a leak. One of the roommates, being concerned, peeped through the bathroom door. It was then that she discovered a near naked man – with buttocks skin smoother than a babies bottom – standing on two feet pissing over the “TERLET”!

Well By Damn!

Loud screams could be heard as far as Alice Town as shock and surprise of the discovery woke up the resort staff.

Bahamas Press
learned the ‘flaming fagot’ had to flee the island before rock and bottles gathered around the island police station once again and the resort got torched. Bimini People don’t play!

Bahamas Press believes there is a lack of proper checks and background inspections on candidates now being employed at the Bimini Bay Resort and right now we believe the threat levels have surpassed RED!

One of the hired candidates some believe is a refugee from Fox Hill Prison, and some from Grand Bahama others believe are hiding out and laying low on Bimini after committing heinous criminal act in the nation’s second city – WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS!?

Residents on Bimini continue to argue that the resort has become an offense to the community, hiring foreigners while Biminite applications at the resort continue to return “rejected”!

Back in 2008 a man wanted in connection with the death of some Haitians smuggled between Bimini and Florida in a fatal voyage was sighted at the popular resort in Bimini early on a Sunday morning. It was Henry Pierre was said to have been an accomplice with a human smuggling ring. Since 2005, more than 30 people have died as a result of smuggling rings, alleged to have been carried out by Pierre. While employed at the resort, his photo and story were being carried live on ‘American’s Most Wanted’.

As the casino is set to open this week, all we say to its operators is this – PLEASE  PROPERLY VET THE PEOPLE Y’ALL BRING INTO BIMINI– yinner don’t know how deadly and dangerous Family Island people can be!

A word to the wise is sufficient!

We report yinner decide!