Some 27 days later since Hurricane Dorian and bodies are still being piled into trailers… Four Full Trailers already left ABACO!

Bodies in Abaco today being loaded into a Tropical Freezer. This is not good.

BP BREAKING| Bodies recovered being stored 27 days later in coolers on Abaco following Hurricane Dorian. The massive death toll is beyond staggering and the government would not really give the true number.

The Bahamas Government ordered some 500 body bags from Coral Pharmaceuticals in early September in the Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. The Government also requested an additional 500 body bags from the Bahamas Red Cross to assist in the collection of the corpse. But yet, the Commissioner after a week-long announcement of the death count is just holding slowly at the death count at 60.

Insurance companies are being protected from what we all know to be the worst natural disaster of our lifetime in the Bahamas.

Do you still believe the government’s number at 60? COP Ferguson has only found two bodies this week; some 27 days since the hurricane. BUT YET, EVERY DAY TEAMS are collecting the remains of the dead and are loading the remains in these trailers you see here.

Meanwhile, a famous pastor out of Atlanta Jamal Bryant had this to say after meeting with PM Hubert Minnis: “Humbled and honored to spend the day in #bahamas?? with the prime minister. 2500 are still missing, orphanage was destroyed, all the churches in #Freeport are flooded or damaged, #abacoislands is obliterated and YET God is still moving. The first 30 days cost 1.2 million to feed all those displaced and the churches in US have paid for it all!! I lobbied today for black contractors to have a seat at the table for redevelopment and announced we now have 5 HBCUs who will let students come in tuition-free!! Watch GOD work ….”

Well what is dis? Minnis does lie!

All Shanty towns across the country are at risk… #DORIAN #hurricane #bahamas

We report yinner decide!

Jamal Bryant, Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia presented a gift from Prime Minister THE MOST HON. {EVER] Dr. Hubert Minnis.