Belinda Wilson - Outgoing BUT President

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press encourages educators across the country to complete the work they started this summer and completely get rid of the current leadership of the Bahamas Union of Teachers [BUT] and elect a new team to lead the organization.

At August AGM, educators from around the country sent home in the middle of their term Belinda Wilson and her executive team. Subscribers should understand teachers have had enough of the poor leadership sitting at the head of the BUT.

Teachers saw under Belinda her silence on their protections in the classroom and how she turned a blind-eye to the unending level of injustice plaguing the system of education. Teachers are sick and tired of the neglect and abandonment of a voice to speak truth to power. They are tired of the trickery and treachery practised by the outgoing President of the BUT. But most of all they are sick and plain tired of the ABUSE; naked abuse practised by team Belinda Wilson and her last administration!

Who would allow $70,000 of their pension money to be removed out of the bank account, without knowledge and approval? Who would allow all that money to be spent with no one giving account? Who would allow all that money to be removed and not have all return?

We ask Belinda the following questions:

  • Why was $70,000 in teacher’s pension funds removed from the Pension account of the BUT?
  • Why was the $70,000 removed without the approvals of the elected Treasurer and Executive Committee?
  • Why was all of the teachers’ money from their pension fund not returned?

To this day pension money set aside for educators – removed out of its Bank account by Belinda – has yet to be returned to the account of the Bahamas Union of Teachers. Bahamas Press believes this act by the outgoing president is appalling, disgusting, OVERLY NASTY and downright wicked. It was illegal, out of order and warrants an absolute removal from office!

Belinda and her colour red machine in 2007.

We cannot comprehend the actions of the OUTGOING PRESIDENT who we believe acted alone in her treacherous, untrustworthy, underhanded, shady rape of the teachers’ money.

Therefore, it is incumbent on voters in these elections to reject the Former!

Teachers need somebody honest! They need an individual that is LOYAL! The need someone who will protect the money and keep the shady dealers from the COOKIE JAR! They need someone trustworthy and the OUTGOING PRESIDENT represents none of the above.

Bahamas Press calls on all educators to VOTE THEM OUT! Yesterday, it was $70,000 tomorrow it may be more! WE SAY REJECT BELINDA WILSON AND HER TEAM!

Hubert Ingraham had enough sense to get rid of Carl “Undernourished” Bethel and now educators hold the power to get rid of Belinda Wilson this September.



  1. BP- I do not believe this story. If this was indeed the case shop steward – Mcphee would have already called a press conference and dragged this woman through the streets of NP.

  2. Teachers should know, BP, that this sticky fingers woman cannot help herself. The $70,000 was only the latest; I am told she did this thing regularly but nothing was published about the petty incidents- petty yes, but tiefing nonetheless.
    Teachers would be very wise to reject her and her puppet team.

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