Some 73 persons jobs have been made redundant at 700 Wines and Spirits…


More headed to the unemployment lines as Minnis Government continue holding Job Fairs…

Nassau| Some 73 workers at 700 Wines and Spirits have found themselves on the unemployment lines – this as Commonwealth Brewery announced the decision is a result of a restructuring exercise of the company since going public.

BP can tell you the decision affects 50 persons in Nassau and another 23 in the islands.

A statement said the decision comes following stiff competition with new imported brands. The company also agreed that all the affected persons would be treated with dignity.

Just a few weeks ago a number of persons were fired from the Club Land’Or Resort on Paradise Island.

Last month the Department of Statistics confirmed an increase in unemployment to 10.8%. Peter Turnquest announced last year that all he saw was “joblessness”. Meanwhile PM MOST HOUOURABLE EVER has said the economy is getting better. Well, what is this?

We report yinner decide!