Some 80 Haitian migrants just captured on Ragged Island tonight in the midst of all this bad weather in the Southern Bahamas….



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BP massive intel systems and teams are live in the Southern Bahamas

Ragged Island — Despite the rain and bad weather in the Southern Bahamas tonight, right now BP drone intel coming into our offices  – LIVE – confirms some 80 illegal immigrants have been intercepted on Ragged Island.

All evening BP’s massive intel systems were monitoring the sloop as it sailed into the Bahamas. The captain thought he could sail into the country without us watching. He was wrong.

Alerts were sent early to Defence Force officers on the island about the incoming vessel and we can tell you – after being placed on high alert – the RBDF teams were ready! Pindling Army has saved the nation once again!

All migrants were detained on the shoreline and are now headed for medical evaluation.

With BP and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, the country cannot LOSE!!!!

80 more Haitian migrants captured on Ragged Island just minutes ago…

Standby for footage in the AM….