Some commentary on ZNS by TAP<<< Parental Discretion is advised


We would like to see Christie or someone in the PLP get up on the floor of the House and tell Hubert Ingraham: We are not in the business of breaking down people lives… We mean the PM firing people like they doing at ZNS! STANDUP! Mums the word! YOU HAVE NO SHAME HUBERT! Firing people and breaking down the livelihoods of people? STAND UP!


  1. Too be frank THE FNM went about firing these people not in a very good way. They shouldve give them better deals and from day one they shouldve have been better contracts. BAD MANAGEMENT and FNM’s irresponsible protocol are the main problem. ON THE OTHER HAND… Im so sorry but Technology and Media go hand and hand. Technology is RICH but FRAGILE INDUSTRY. Working in this field YOU MUST UNDER GO ENDLESS TRAINING. Technology is always changing POINT BLANK. Therefore ZNS has not being doing a good job for years so its about TIME and Im not please with the gvt procedure in SHAKING UP THIS INDUSTRY.

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