Some Jackass against both Prime Minister and Opposition Leader attempts to orchestrate rig poll questions against Christie and Dr. Minnis!


Another plot to rig a poll by Public Domain

One of these two men will become or remain Prime Minister come 2017 – AND DAS DAT!

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is now expressing serious concerns from a known polling company which is now in the process of concocting a LIE for its hidden client.

Bahamas Press is calling on the powers that be at URCA to monitor the data now being collected by a polling company called Public Domain, which we know behind another poll now underway.

Calls made over the weekend by a Public Domain representative fielded question which only attacked Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie and never once in its polling offered a question which included the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis.

In another question fielded by the group – the caller asked: Would you agree that Prime Minister Christie is doing a bad job as Prime Minister? What is happening here is that the polling company has already formed an opinion on the leader of the PLP before a fair and balanced response can be had from those polled.

In the questioning exercise, the pollster asks if an election were held today between Prime Minister Christie and Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham who would you choose? This is like asking if a deceased politician will be raised from the dead come in 2017.

In another question the pollster asked; In a race between Prime Minister Christie and Long Island MP Loretta Butler Turner who would you choose?

What concerns Bahamas Press is the fact that Public Domain never ask for such a choice with Prime Minister Christie and Dr. Minnis in any of the questions as if they have already decided the results; and or can read into the future of the FNM!

What a hoax.

Bahamas Press is today exposing the data collected and wonders which publication will now publish the contrived and skewed poll – now that their sins and dirty deeds have are known to all.

In short our reports suggest ANY POLLS coming from the company cannot be taken seriously – seeing that the questions presented are not relative to the present or the future.

Our answers to the pollster on the other line were clear, concise and blunt! Prime Minister Christie who is Prime Minister today is doing a good job! And that The Leader of the Opposition is Dr. Hubert Minnis and not any of the mention in the questions, therefore, we are not interested in any of the others in any race against Prime Minister Christie.

What should happen though is that URCA [THE REGULATOR] should look deeper into this if indeed any such results from the poll is published.

The company is calling to residents from a 327-0247 contact number….

We report yinner decide!