Some say the FNM Party needs Deliverance! We differ!


Former PM Hubert Ingraham
Former PM Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas — Here’s a photo of the former Prime Minister today, dressed in his T-shirt, which reads “Deliverance”.

Ingraham, you know, was recently baptized in secret at a Catholic church in the west. Some believe he needs to come back to save the FNM – NOT THE COUNTRY!

After leaving the Bahamas on the edge of the abyss, it is not hard to remember how Ingraham delivered record unemployment, which further forced the downgrade of the Bahamian economy! He delivered The Bahamas to deepening debt and at the end of his term in 2012 could not deliver one single investment to the Bahamas in his last five years in office.

“Deliverance”? Yeah Right!

We report yinner decide!