Someone must explain where the Flight Plan is for Pilot Byron Ferguson’s journey into New Providence on last Thursday evening…


All kinda mix-up in this aviation tragedy and yet still the flight plan, the pilot and possible passengers cannot be found…

Byron Ferguson and his Aztec PA-27 six seater, registration #N8383C.

Nassau – Very little is known about this aviation incident which some believe has caused the disappearance of pilot Byron Ferguson and his aircraft on Thursday evening. Today flight investigator Kendal Dorsett told the media he had no insight into this incident and that the investigation continues.

If you listen to the family it has been reported that he is an experienced pilot. In fact they boasted of his skills. But this incident has now come closer to our investigative attention and we know that Ferguson made application for a pilot job at Bahamasair, and yet with all his skills, he was unsuccessful.

We now have examined many scenarios, coupled with normal pilot procedures, and the main point we gather is that such an evening flight would require the filing of a detailed flight plan including the pilot’s name, the number of passengers onboard, or cargo listed. It would log the point of departure, the points of intended arrival and the estimated flight time of this flight. But from our information, there appears to be much confusion as to where this aircraft was indeed coming from.

His brother, Dr Ashton Ferguson, told the press, “The information that we obtained, my brother,…. he encountered difficulties about 40 miles off of the coast with his door.” [BP comments: make a note of this particularly the door].

Dr. Ferguson did not say from where exactly pilot Ferguson was. he added that “…he radioed as such to the Air Traffic Control” [BP’s second comments: Was that radio contact with West Palm Beach or LPIA air control?].

“I think about 15 miles, again, he contacted again with engine problems,” Dr. Ferguson said.

BP taking accounts from the media reports it is said this Aztec PA-27 six seater, registration #N8383C, left Lantana Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida. We don’t know at what time exactly that flight departure was. We see no recording of this. This distance proves that the pilot would have been some 150 miles from New Providence.

And at 40 miles after experiencing issues he would still be in contact with the tower where an experienced pilot would have taken the options at San Andros, Chub Cay or Great Harbour Cay airports with or without lights. In fact a pilot of over 40 years experience on our investigative team added, “There were no reported bad weather conditions that evening, which would have made a landing at any of the runways difficult. Particularly Andros, which you can land on without or without lights in the dead on night.” Why advice was not passed on to pilot to make this decision [IF HE WAS INDEED IN CONTACT WITH THE TOWER] remains the great mystery.

Now from our information, it’s being stated that sometime around 8pm the aircraft popped up just some two miles from Nirvana Beach in the Delaporte Community. This would mean that after passing three airports across the hungry ocean, the pilot was on his final approach for landing at Lynden Pindling Airport runway #140. To do so it must mean that communications between him and the tower was already being exchanged to have the runway cleared for the incoming emergency.

With this scenario now in view, air traffic controllers should have been able to monitor the aircraft on radar, and from the tower they should have already had a visible shot of the distressed pilot’s approach into that runway space.

Bahamas Press has no information that would suggest that this was indeed the case. This is troubling indeed.

We have no data which suggest that emergency preparations were being activated by the LPIA control tower. No record of any such communication being exchanged, and we still believe that no one have yet seen a flight plan. And this is where it gets very interesting.

Also contradicting previous reports from authorities, the family said that the pilot was the sole occupant of the plane although two people were originally supposed to be on board. Our investigators tell us the point is moot; a real, true and detailed flight plan would have dismissed this mix-up and clearly proved details about the flight.

Dr. Ferguson added that his brother texted someone to track the aircraft. he said, “We have information that when my brother landed the plane in the water, the plane was for the most part intact. The tail of the plane was still visible. “Someone responded, tried to actually collect a rope to put around it or something, but the plane sunk very quickly. I understand this was in less than 50 feet of water.”

Well, what we at BP wonders is who was that someone? And how did the family know all this? When everyone else is still attempting to locate the position of that soft landing.

What kind of aviation management is this unfolding down at LPIA?

So we at BP ga ask some questions:

1) Where is the flight plan?

2) Can Lantana Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida indeed confirm the flight and when did they last make contact with the disappeared aircraft?

And, add this, if neither question can be addressed, then we know we have an even bigger question which needs to be addressed and that is: How did that happened and are rescuers looking in the right location for this aircraft?

We report yinner decide!


  1. Can someone also explain you bad journalism? I mean is it hereditary?? Like was your Dad also really shit at being someone?

  2. It’s insane that in the midst of this tragedy… the bahamaspress is making click bait off of the story. Now the latest is that ”OH WOW a flight plan WAS filed!!”… late to the party??? All of this misinformation detracts from the real issues… Byron is missing, he has a family and circle of friends, and he is missed. Bahamaspress I need your physical address, because if Byron was on tour with me right now, I feel you need a double order of Bag of Dicks…

  3. B W thank you so much for your response. Bahamas Press, this story is as far fetched as Santa Claus climbing down a chimney. Your insinuations are negligent and nefarious. Conduct proper journalism procedures in the future. There is a full report which answers all of your questions sir/madam.

  4. You guys have done zero homework! His flight could even be tracked on flight aware, up until contact was lost around 10 mins before he ditched. It’s completely clear he departed from West Palm Beach Airport. ATC in Florida wouldn’t have even given him start up clearance let alone take off clearance to depart on a cross border flight with out the correct flight plan!

    Secondly I work with Byron in North Africa, and whilst I know that he was looking at options at home, he was clearly interested in staying working here for the interim, since the cash was almost 3 times what he would earn at Bahamasair.

    This article having been assisted by a “40 year aviation expert” is poorly written and littered with inaccuracies. Poor journalism at it’s best.

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