Son of senior Cabinet Minister fired from shipping company… $1.3 million vanishes from the shipping company on Grand Bahama…


Peter Turnquest fails to confirm if K. Peter Turnquest jr. was indeed the assistant of Paul Frazier at a shipping company on Grand Bahama!

Paul Frazier

NASSAU| A man who was charged three weeks ago with a $1.3 million theft at a Shipping Company on Grand Bahama is now about to speak at the University of The Bahamas on the topic of Leadership.

Paul Frazier a former employee of Freeport Ship Services Ltd. was charged some three weeks ago, and get this, the Royal Bahamas Police Force never reported the incident to the public.  #Crimedown

Bahamas Press also knows that the son of sitting Cabinet Minister and Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest was indeed Frazier’s assistant. Turnquest’s son was also recently fired from the firm and it is still unclear as to the reason for his axing.

However, the silence of the charge against Frazier for some $1,343,906.62 raises some serious questions as persons have been announced and published for all the press to see for far fewer funds. Why was this incident never reported to the public? WHY?

Look how dese people do cover for their own. We now must wonder if the newspaper knew this but refused to report it?

Meanwhile following initial reports of this charge surfacing online via social media Peter Turnquest broke his silence and wrote:

Minister for Finance Peter ‘Da Ghost’ Turnquest .

“I am aware of malicious and defamatory social media accusations circulating online that falsely associate a member of my family with a matter before the court. I wish to state categorically that these fabricated claims are demonstrably false and completely untrue. They are a gross attempt at character assassination by uncaring and unscrupulous cowards: Political mischief-making at its worst.
I caution the public to question the integrity of persons who make a habit out of generating and circulating these vexing stories with the intent of spreading false and defamatory information in the name of politics or irresponsible gossip.”

Bahamas Press now responds to K. Peter Turnquest now seeing he has decided to identify himself in this matter:

  1. Was your son K. Peter Turnquest jr. the assistant to Paul Frazier Freeport Ship Services Ltd who was hauled before the courts recently?
  2. What is the reason behind K. Peter Turnquest jr. no longer being employed at Freeport Ship Services Ltd?
  3. Could anyone in the Minnis Government explain to us why was the arraigning exercise of Paul Frazier never made public? Why the SECRET?
  4. And while you are at it could Peter Turnquest [The Minister of Finance] could you tell us what is the current status of the overdraft facility of the Bahamas Government with the Royal Bank of Canada in the spirit of TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY? Why have funds advanced to the government been stopped by the bank? Answer that please!

Standby as BP goes deep into the FNM Greek “fraternity” and “sorority” cliques where members run off with millions and those connected say absolutely nothing!

We ga report yinner decide!