Homicide #66 unfolding in JC Eleuthera – Victim shot dead in the yard…


A 5th man was murdered last week in one of the bloodiest weeks in the country! Homicide count climbs by five in one week!

file photo

BP BREAKING| We want to update that incident unfolding down in James Cistern, Eleuthera where we reporting another man is dead following the bloodiest week in months.

We can report we have murder #66 unfolding on the family island. The 5th homicide for the week occurred last evening in Eleuthera.

We can confirm the victim, who we can only identify by his first name Devin, was gunned down in a yard in JC and was the sole target of an armed gunman with mask and a high powered weapon.

Police were on the scene shortly after 9 pm last night and an investigation has begun. NOWHERE IS SAFE!

This incident concluded an extremely bloody week for victims around the country. We started off with a double homicide on Wednesday evening on Maple Street in Pinewood Gardens. Some 24-hours later 23-year-old Ashton Smith was shot dead in the dark by a gunman at a complex on Martin Close off Cowpen Road. Then early Saturday morning Police in Marsh Harbour Abaco reported a man shot multiple times at a home. He was the 65th homicide victim and the 4th for the week. And again last night this time in Eleuthera down in JC this crime scene unfolded.

Lights out, union unrests, the hospital is half open and young men are being gunned down in cold blood by the day!

It is a good thing, according to the police, that crime is down! And last night it is down in JC!

We report yinner decide!