Soon-to-be-former Chair of the Public Service Commission holds onto keys and car as new members get appointed!

Theresa Deleveaux

NASSAU| Soon-to-be-former Chairman of the Public Service Commission Ms Theresa Deleveaux was still at the Commission, sitting in the office as her members file their resignations one by one. She perhaps will return once again as the caretaker for the Killarney constituency when gone.

The Commission has been the biggest obstructions of the Davis Government, failing to meet on issues and refusing to meet with the PM Davis.

Well, Deleveaux, who was a Minnis goon, should go to the jam-up balcony and complain to the man who hired her. And, if the former PM cannot satisfy her complaints, jump from the 4th floor without a parachute. It’s that simple. But turn in our keys!

Prime Minister Philip Davis has appointed DECENT Fr. James B. Moultrie as the new Chairman of the Commission. He will take the lead role in managing the service into the next term.

Bahamas Press calls on Ms Deleveaux to hand in the keys and leave the car owned by the taxpayers of the Bahamas. 

We ga say it once again. Leave! (we said that nice, right?).

We report yinner decide!