Fr. Culmer resigns and Tonya and Malcolm Adderley are terminated at the Public Service Commission…

Malcolm Adderley, Fr. CULMER and Tonya Adderley.

NASSAU| The Public Service Commission is about to get a facelift as the last group assembled by the Minnis Government is relieved of their duties.

BP is learning Commission members Theresa Deleveaux, Camille Johnson, Minnis gal Tonya Adderley, Karen Turner, Colleyne Johnson, Malcolm Adderley, and Fr Alfred Culmer were all appointed by Minnis. And here’s how it now looking.

Tonya Adderley and Malcolm Adderley have both been terminated. Fr. Culmer has resigned. 

The Davis Government has encountered some of the greatest obstruction exercises by the Commission since coming to power back in September 2021.  Files stalled, and some files were held. Many appointments were deferred and referred. Members have even refused to meet with the PM. WHAT IS THIS?!

The crew wanted to become obstructionist to the NEW DAY Government!

Anyway, they are gone now. Decent Fr. Culmer resigned. At least we know there was one decent soul on the Minnis-appointed Commission.

We report yinner decide!