What is BTC doing with the 2% shared interest in the telephone company? Aliv takes over sponsorship of the JCNP Junkanoo Events!

Junkanoo – file photo

NASSAU| Junkanoo is coming up this year and, thanks to Aliv’s strong involvement with the Bahamian community, the JCNP has signed up ALIV as its flagship sponsor for the upcoming holiday parades.

Aliv is quickly becoming a trendsetter in the community, leading the way in rolling out its upgraded fiber network to customers for the holidays.

What is interesting, though, is the fact that Aliv has taken over the sponsorship for the upcoming Junkanoo Parades. Bahamians have not enjoyed the holiday street festival for two years now and BTC, which once held a strong commitment to the orange economy, appears to have lost its involvement. 

So much so that everyone forgot how part of an agreement between the Government of the Bahamas and BTC was to invest 2% of its profits into that space of arts, sports and culture. So what has been happening with that money in the past three years?

And how is it BTC has lost its contractual arrangements with the JCNP when it is obligated to maintain such partmentships to promote the talents of the Bahamas?! Someone needs to look into this?!

The deal with the BTC investment into the community was struck back in 2012 when it was agreed to regain the majority interest in the company. SO WHAT HAS GONE DOWN NOW? Have we forgotten this?

BTC now has fewer Bahamains employed, outsourced many of its divisions, and now is backing out of its commitment to the arts community? What is going on here?

Someone should be asking how did BTC lose its sponsorship with the JCNP and why this major company built by Bahamians appears to be withdrawiing itself from its involvement with Bahamian culture. 

We report yinner decide!