Sources tell us a former Cabinet Minister paid a Miami Street Man $11,000 for Death Threat?


MP for Bamboo Town Branville McCartney.

Nassau, Bahamas — Police are getting closer to closing in on the real culprits behind the death threats administered on Bamboo Town MP, Branville McCartney and from news reaching our desk, a former Cabinet Minister could face the full bat of the law.

Sources in the upper Apparatchik of the FNM tell us, the Party is mum to its association to having hired cold killers to threaten the MP and that from information now into the police one of their own could be in trouble.

“We would like to believe we are sanitized from these developments, but from the look of things we know someone, a ‘Cecilite’ to be exact, could find himself on the wrong side of the law,” the source in the Party said.

Officers in the high command of the Royal Bahamas Police Force we are told are heavily guarding the private residence of McCartney and from what was told to us, we believe the investigations are heating up.

Sources in the position to know tell us, it is alleged a payment in the amount of $11,000 [Eleven Thousand Dollars], was paid to a goon, who is a resident in the Miami Street area.

We have also learnt according to the source, a second MP, who is a member of the Ingraham Cabinet, could be implicated along with the former Cabinet Minister.

Four of the six men, who were camped outside McCartney’s offices are still at large and have yet to be picked up by detectives.

Police arrested and charged two of the suspects in connection with the death threats on Friday. Mighty Spartucus Moncur and Livingstone Bullard are being held without bail for the alleged crime. Bullard has a criminal record for threatening someone with a hand gun before the court was told and thus bail was advised to be declined.

Spartacus is the son of a senior FNM general who resides in Seven Hills. The men were also present at a Bamboo Town Town Meeting during the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless. The men were paid at that event to break up the meeting.

Police believe the receiver of the funds is indeed one of the men still at large.

Bahamas Press calls on the WUTLESS minister of national security to speak to the issue. He has been mum on these SERIOUS developments.

BP is told the situation is already being monitored by some major international agencies.


  1. I too want to say to Branville be strong, my family went through a similar event several years ago, death threats was made against my father and family, we were given police protection for several months. This country is faced with so many issues, created by our corrupt leaders, we don’t believe in open and honest debates/dialogues, we continue to malign each other and take part in petty politics. Who speaks for the poor, sick , young ? The HOA has become a frat house for members only, the constant banging on the desk and screaming/shouting, is this what or how grown men and women conduct the serious affairs of a nation. So when persons make death threats against another, I thought we would have seen some commentary from elected leaders today in the HOA, condemning this violent act .Is the caliber of leaders we have in this country ? There should be a sign on the door of the HOA “Bahamians need not apply”

  2. I commend the authorities for follow this matter through.
    This is a serious matter.

    There seems to be a reduction in crime, since those goons were picked up.
    The Police can ride on this matter.


  3. BP- I will only say this… your sources are very accurate… Also given the serious nature of this situation I to am very surprised that The Minister of national Security Tommy Turnquest has yet to speak out on this issue. Silence normally defines one’s guilt.. Branville is a wonderful guy and thankfully he and his family has police protection.

  4. Looking back in hindsight, I believe Bran was trying to convey something to us, but we may have failed to picked up on the extend to which he was referring when he said, “the members of the FNM lack compassion.” I am starting to wonder now, if he wasn’t trying to tell us how dangerous some of those members were, perhaps that were the reason he started to gradually slip away from them. I wonder if he stumbled across something that made it difficult for him to live with, because all of a sudden there was this noticeable drastic change in his attitude towards them, you could have sense he wasn’t contented being associated with that party any more and it was like he had to find away to break free of them. When Bran finally found the courage to separate himself from their claws, he tried to end things on a more friendly and positive note, because even after he left, he tried to make sure there wasn’t any ill feelings. He spoke well about Papa, saying, “he had respect for him and he appreciate the opportunities he had given him and plus he thank him for allowing him to represent the constituents of Elizabeth Estate.” It was obvious that didn’t mean anything to Papa and he didn’t feel the same way toward him, because he wasted no time in going down in Elizabeth Estate and trying to bad mouth Bran and apologizing to them for appointing Bran as their representative. Now, all of a sudden Bran getting these death threats.

    • These threats on Bran’s life has me so befuddled, I could only try and imagine what Bran and his family must be going through. I miss and said constituents of Elizabeth Estates, when I meant Bamboo Town, but I think most of you would know exactly what area Bran represented.

    • These threats on Bran’s life has me so befuddled, I could only try and imagine what Bran and his family must be going through. I mistakenly said constituents of Elizabeth Estates, when I meant Bamboo Town, but I think most of you know exactly what area Bran represented.

  5. The only thing that will come of this is that it will be thrown out of court for lack of evidence cause of the inept police needless to say the powerful politicians!
    Get rid of the Govt who put a racist on the money cause they will do almost anything after that dastardly deed!!!

  6. while one or two tugs may go to jail. tommy will make sure his boys them safe. greenslade don’t call the shots even doe this is the time for him to show who’s in charge. the pm won’t allow that. yal know that.

  7. If any government official is involved in this plot, that right there explain the reason why we can’t get to the bottom of this crime problem. All the time they been there telling us, the problem is us, like we were the ones condoning wrong doing and covering it up for these criminals, because they were our family and friends. Never once did they mentioned anything about how it is important for our leaders to set good examples and if they don’t how it may contribute to the rise in crime. If our leaders are engaging in nefarious activities, what message is that sending to other persons who looks up to them and idolize them? Persons connected to a major political party names may be implicated in connection with death threats, are you serious? Well, talk about that Tommy.

  8. How things looking many people will remain stumbling around in the dark until we get rid of this wicked and vindictive government, who don’t believe in empowering the average Bahamians, so they would be able to provide for themselves and their families and be able to buy their own d*mn light bulbs, instead of always looking to them for handouts all the time and then they expect us to do an act of worship because of it.

  9. These are some interesting times in The Bahamas, I hope God’s keep Mr. McCartney safe, and if the reports find them wanting that the full weight of the laws heap like coals of FIRE on their DELIVERANCE here

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