Charlie Pillsbury Doughboy read from the wrong BILL…WHAT WUTLESSNESS!

Pillsbury, the Parliament's Clown was again playing politics in the House.

Charles ‘Pillsbury Dougboy’ Maynard went to the Parliament yesterday and talk for over three hours about a Sports Bill.

The Bill was designed to establish an authority to manage sports in the Bahamas. Now forget the role of the Ministry of Sports, they say the bill is necessary to manage and put in place important leadership at the various sporting infrastructure all over the county.

But by lunchtime B.J. Nottage was reading a different Bill. Now BJ, the competent PLP, read from the correct bill signed by the minister, but the minister who was responsible was reading something that was not approved by him. The entire exercise had to be cancelled, the bill withdrawn and the House suspended until the end of the month. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

Now what kind of SMUDGY JACKASS leadership is that? The man who is responsible for tabling the Bill spoke to the wrong bill – FOR THREE HOURS!

Perhaps Charlie’s mind was still on Carifta and ventured into what he was doing while not at the games.

Sources tell us the Pillsbury appeared only to present medals and disappeared the rest of the time. We wonder what he was doing with all that idle time.


Charles Maynard in the Parliament yesterday presenting the wrong Bill. the minister in his attempt to establish a Sports Authority presented the wrong Bill to Parliament. Talking fool is a serious thing.


  1. When ever this guy dies i would love to have his brains transplanted into my head, Not because he’s smart but because he never uses it!


  2. Trust me he will be seeing the other side of Papa! This is very embrassing, something I’ve never seen happened before in my life time!No excuse!!!

  3. You could look at the Pillsbury Doughboy and see he grew up spoil. He don’t take anything serious, life is just like one big party to him. That must the reason why people is tell you it aint good to spoil your kids.

  4. @Maynard,
    This is what happens when you try to table someone else’s idea and try to show it off when you don’t know what the hell your talking about (quite unprofessional). Notice now how there is such a big push for YOUTH as the elections heat up. It’s about to get even hotter, just wait.

    Basically the Ministry of YOUTH, Sports and Culture needs to be able to claim a victory during their administration and show the Bahamian people that they were working towards something for the children. Pure BS if you believe that.

    From my professional experience the best speeches are the ones that you don’t need notes or cheat sheets to talk from. Normally when you can talk about a subject matter without notes it shows your comfort level with the subject at hand. That confidence and comfort level comes with having dealt with the subject and being proficient with it so that when you are discussing it, you are composed and assertive with your delivery. Obviously Maynard has no clue and had someone patch up this so-called Sports Bill so that he can show just how on top of things he is when it comes to sports in this country.

    Who is he fooling? An independent Sports Association? So how will that differ from the Government’s Sport Ministry? Only difference is that they will say they are not Government but instead more cronies will be hand picked and placed in position to “rule over” the various sports groups. Can you say, “Complete Tyranny”?

    If this is not a Communist country, then what is wrong with INDEPENDENT SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS with no GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION? Sure the Government should have their own Organizations or Commissions that Govern OLYMPIC teams or NATIONAL teams that represent the BAHAMAS and get money from the Government to do so. But when it comes to amateur sports clubs or local sports associations why does a Government need to regulate this? Why do you think Sports has not reached its full potential in this country? Just THINK about it for a second – I promise you, it will come to you.

    If you want to see sports thrive and have it take us to even greater heights – then I say keep the CONTROLLING interest at bay. As stated above the SPORTS BILL “… will be to MANAGE and PUT IN PLACE [So-Called] “important leadership” at the various sporting infrastructure all over the county.” Please read that line one more time….

    Catch phrase — MANAGE, PUT IN PLACE… Have you not seen enough of this in other Ministries, Unions, Parties, Churches, etc… I could go on. If we are smart then we use BEST PRACTICES – not what’s best for the individuals proposing the Sports Bill!

    I hope that people can read thru this smoke screen. Here are the BIG smoke signals if you are having trouble seeing through all the smoke yourself….

    (1) The Big Gift From China
    (2) MIllions spent on the renovation of the Queen Elizabeth Sport Centre
    (3) Government’s recent commitment to building and renovating more sports facilities.

    So now you see why there is such a big interest for a so called INDEPENDENT Sports Association? Pure Non-Sense. Just another way to sucker the public into approving something that will in the end take away more power away from them and when they realize it will be oh too late.

    This is what we call a chess move right now. Certain people want this in place so they are assured they will get “dibs” on the next big business sector that will bring CASH into the BAHAMAS.

    Rise Up Bahamas – Let’s Show them We got more sense than they give us credit for!

  5. I’ve heard along time ago, a member of Charles immediate family was so dumb in primary school; his friends had to burn down the school so he could catch up with them in the senior school.And so we believe Pillsbury inherit the dumb genes. It’s in his DNA…he hehaaaa

  6. A total disgrace and not to mention a waste of time. I wonder if he read the bill, before signing it, because how could he spent three hours presenting a bill and not notice that it was not the correct one. I hate to say this, but I think Charlie, need to ease up with all this partying, two to one he been partying the night before and that may explain the reason why he may not have been fully alert. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with people having fun, but not if it’s getting to a point where it’s affecting their job performance. These bills are very important and I just think Charlie need to be clear headed when discussing them.

    • Laing said Kim the House does meet Two to three times a week. They met once and that was a botch! Now I wonder WHERE DID LYING LAING GET THAT DAMN LIE FROM?

      House adjourned until May 25th. THE FNM ‘GAT’ NO AGENDA! They only have one interest; DIG UP ROAD!


      • Laing is lie so much, until it is hard to tell if he’s even capable of telling the truth. Everything he tell you have to take it as a grain of salt, which is so sad.

        • And he say he is a PREACHER! Now, could you imagine going in a CHURCH and hear him LIE ? Boy I tell ya. If hear he preaching EAST I sure as hell heading WEST!


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