South Eleuthera MP Hank Johnson should let decent Velma Colebrooke do her job!

FNM MP Hank Johnson .

NASSAU| MP for South and Central Eleuthera is right now in a whole heap of trouble and what is unfolding in the courts is dangerous for what is supposed to be not the behaviour of an honourable citizen. 

Persons are making all kinds of allegations against the MP and, from what we see in court documents, Johnson just might bow out of the race in the upcoming General Elections. 

What is even more serious is how residents confirm Johnson is attempting to control every inch of the island. Where he cannot achieve that or where he finds decent, respectable professionals within the Government, he is trying his best to have them removed from their post. 

Velma Colebrooke, the Island’s Administrator, is being obstructed from doing her job. Johnson wants her gone from the post. But what he should pay attention to is his sister who has been fired from three GOVERNMENT JOBS and is today working at the airport. Ain’t that something.

Johnson should tell us why his sister was sacked three times from The Bahamas Government. But he doesn’t want her gone? Boy yinner ain’t fair!

BP is on the ground in Eleuthera and when we report yinner will decide!