Spring Breakers coming into islands without COVID19 tests…


Clinic on Bimini closed and Big Lou is still inside struggling for air as the oxygen tanks run out!

Alice Town Bimini

Bimini| Bahamas Press is learning a Bimini battling COVID19 BIG LOU after hours of waiting for an air ambulance fighting to breathe has not yet been airlifted into the capital. His case is similar to Kim Rolle who suffocated and died after contracting COVID19.

One year later and nothing done to enhance healthcare for COVID19 victims.

Meanwhile Bimini is open to the virus welcoming hundreds of Spring Breakers to the islands this past week. The guests are walking up and down on Bimini without masks.

The Bahamas Government is also sending a medical team into Briland to deal with the spike in COVID19 cases.

We report yinner decide!